The Ministry of Encouragement is Powerful and Effective

The Ministry of Encouragement

The Ministry of Encouragement is probably one of the most overlooked “ministries” out there. It only takes seconds to do, and has by far, the longest lasting impact on the one being ministered to because it not only has an immediate effect, but is remembered long after it was given. If there were ever a ministry that every believer could participate in, it would have to be the ministry of encouragement.

Encouragement Builds Up

Paul wrote to the church urging them to, “encourage one another and build one another up . . .” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV). Have you ever asked, “Why?” It’s because the world is full of discouragement and finds satisfaction in bringing people down. Jesus brings life. When you offer encouragement to one who is discouraged, you usher in life, resurrect hope, and bring joy all at once. Building others up always produces life. When you encourage people, you advance the Kingdom of God.

An Encouraging Word Can Last a Lifetime

Have you ever received an encouraging word from someone who had an enormous impact on your life? I’ll bet that the person who gave that encouraging word had no idea how much impact his words would have on you. But you remember it because it had a lasting impact on you. Think for a moment of just how effective your “ministry of encouragement” could be. Start out small and make it a point to encourage someone each day, starting today. It does not have to be something ‘profound’, but simple and honest. I have found that when encouraging someone, addressing who they are has the greatest impact. Below are 10 examples of encouraging things to share with those in your sphere of influence.

  1.  Son, you make the lawn look like a professional mowed it.
  2.  ________ I appreciate the work you do here. You are making a difference here at [name of your company].
  3.  Sweetheart, thank you for all the work you do in our house. We’d be lost without you. Just, . . . thank you.
  4.  Your friendship really means a lot to me because you speak into my life without even knowing it.
  5.  I love how you do everything with excellence. Your example inspires others to go above and beyond.
  6.  Although you don’t say a lot, when you lovingly speak to someone, it speaks volumes.
  7.  I was thinking of you the other day, and you know, . . . you really have a good reputation.
  8.  You have such a servant’s heart. You make God proud.
  9.  When you talk with people, you really make people feel loved.
  10.  You have such a positive influence on people. After speaking with them, they always leave encouraged.

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