Real Men Worship

Today’s culture has poisoned the minds of men convincing them that by worshiping, they are less than a “real man”.  How foolish.  Men were designed to worship.  God ordained it that way.  We are in need of him, and to think otherwise is pure pride.  The devil himself was cast out of heaven for not worshiping God and convinced a third of heaven to follow his way of thinking.  Real men worship, period.

Worship is Absolutely Necessary

As a believer, it is not optional.  I’m definitely not being legalistic here, but I am speaking to the legalistic thinking that says, “Well, I don’t really have to worship, just when I feel like it”.  But worshipping is not about you.  It’s about Him.  It’s getting broken before God and staying that way.  When one truly humbles himself and worships the Lord with all of his heart, transformation takes place.  The following are benefits of worshiping that one can easily overlook.

Worshipping God Ushers in His Presence

In a moment, it ushers in his presence.  Having a rough day?  Take a moment to worship.  It’s the recognition of his Lordship in your life, and submission to his Lordship.  People talk about wanting to experience his presence all the time, but you yourself can usher in his presence by worshiping him . . . even now.  You don’t have to wait until your gather together with other believers and get the band to play your favorite worship song.  You can do it right now, in the present, without any music.  In fact, you will find that those times of corporate worship are so much more exhilarating, exciting and celebratory when you take the time to worship the Lord on your own, outside of the corporate setting.

Worshipping God Aligns your Heart with His

When your heart is in alignment with his heart, you can walk in his presence and be that encouraging voice, you can show God-compassion to those in your sphere of influence.  This way of living defines a “Believer”, and it becomes so much easier to live this way when you make it a point to worship the Lord throughout each day.

Worshiping God Changes You

When you worship the Lord, you are humbling yourself before the Lord.  Humility is required for transformation to take place.  If your life is a mess . . . . . worship the Lord.  Worship brings healing and restoration to your soul because worship moves your soul into alignment with God.  When your soul is in alignment with God, he will give rest to your soul, (see Matthew 11:28-29).

If you are not in the habit of worshiping, start today.  You don’t need anything other than humility.  I pray-worship all the time.  “Pray-worship” is when you speak words of adoration to the Lord throughout the day.  It might be when you are driving your car, or while in the super-market, or when you get up from your desk at work on your way to the rest room.  It usually is short and to the point.  I do this throughout the day because I need to keep my heart in alignment with his.  There is too much going on in our lives each day not to worship him throughout the day.  I encourage you to pray-worship throughout the day for two weeks, and then look back and see if, in fact, you are not a different person.  Worshiping the Lord throughout the day will absolutely strengthen your relationship with the him.  That’s what you were designed for.

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