My Sheep Know My Voice

Have you ever tried to speak to your teenager while they are listening to music with their ear buds on?  As a parent, I can attest that I have spoken louder, . . . and looked foolish flailing my arms in the air in an attempt to get their attention.  Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me“. – John 10:27

As believers in Christ, we are responsible for two things in life.

  1. We are responsible to hear the voice of the Shepherd.
  2. We are to follow that voice.

It’s all about hearing his voice and following him.  It’s an intimate relationship he desires to have with us.

The Voice of the Shepherd

Everything is contingent on knowing his voice.  You can’t follow what you do not hear.  You can only hear a voice if you are listening for that voice.  The more time spent listening for that voice, the more you familiar that voice becomes.  The more familiar it becomes, the quicker you are to respond and follow that voice.

The Lord is Not Limited to Speech When he Speaks

A dialect is defined as a language considered one of a group of languages that has a common ancestor.  However, It would be wrong for us to presume that the Lord of all creation, only spoke one language, . . . or two . . . or limited himself to all known and unknown spoken languages and dialects.  When he speaks, he reveals.  What does God’s Voice look like?

The more you listen, the more you will see his voice.  As I read his Word, he shows me things and reveals himself to me.  When I share my heart with the him in prayer, he speaks to my heart.  When I drive to work and listen for his voice, he gives me insight into a given situation.  As I sit still before the Lord, pondering his Word, he shows me how to apply the truth of his Word.  On occasion, he powerfully speaks to me in dreams.  He “speaks” in various ways, but regardless of how he speaks, when he does speak, he reveals.  Why is this so important?  Because it’s this revelation that creates intimacy.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Intimacy is at the heart of hearing his voice.  Again, in John 10:27, Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them . . .“.  He knows his sheep.  Not casually, but intimately.  Sheep are incredibly insecure, . . . until they hear the voice of the shepherd.  When they hear the shepherd call, they run to him.  We can rest assured that as we listen, we will hear him speak, and when we follow his voice, we find security, confidence and above all, intimacy.  Run to his voice.

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