Worshiping The Lord Feeds The Heart Of The Servant

Serving others is exhausting. It requires love, devotion, time and energy. Take the typical Mom who has a boy and a girl in elementary school. After packing their lunches and sending them off to school on the bus, she then gets herself ready for work. After work, she races home, freeing up the babysitter who picked up the kids at the bus-stop, and hurries off to make dinner, while at the same time, ensuring that the kids get their homework finished. Dad arrives just in time for dinner, then plays with the kids after dinner as she cleans up and does the dishes. Story time for the kids, then goodnight butterfly kisses. She then spends some time with her husband watching some TV, and off to bed, only to start it all over again in just a few short hours. How is a Mother to serve her family day after day, giving of both her time and energy with love, and yet not burn out, or have a breakdown? Such a servant has learned the secret: Worshiping the Lord feeds the heart of the servant. But more than that, it nourishes the soul.

Worshiping The Lord Feeds The Heart Of The Servant

What I left out, is that while driving to work, she makes it a point to worship the Lord. During her lunch hour, she takes the time to ensure that her heart is in alignment with the Holy Spirit, and again, on her way home refreshes her souls by worshiping the Lord. When you worship the Lord, you feed the soul, (see Matt. 11:28-30).

Servants Who Burnout

Servants who try to serve without being filled with his presence, burnout. Even if they prolong the inevitable burnout, their effectiveness is minimal at best. I have seen this countless times, in as many ministries. Especially in those ministries that are unrecognized, like the church janitor, or church book keeper, children’s worker, youth leader or choir director. The list of ministries is endless, and hopefully you are not numbered as one who is either experiencing burnout, or worse yet, has already burned out. But there is hope.

Restoration Is Easily Attainable

Don’t focus on the job at hand, but rather, focus on Jesus and begin worshiping him. The more you worship him, the more your soul is rejuvenated. But let me forewarn you; do not worship as an ends to a means. In other words, do not worship in order to do the job at hand. Serving is a by-product of worship, not the focus. Place your focus on Jesus. Worship Him. As you develop within your heart of a culture of worship, you will naturally produce fruit.

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