How to Cause the Face of the Father to Beam with Joy!

It pleases the Lord to no end when we make it our priority to mimic the Father’s heart, partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring about restoration in the lives of others.  When we do so, with as much enthusiasm and commitment as the Father has expressed toward us, I can’t help but to think that he beams with joy.

Mimicking the Father

A father experiences tremendous joy when he sees his child mimic him.  I remember my son lathering his face well before he had facial hair with enough shaving cream to shave 10 times over.  Though the house was filled with laughter, I personally found tremendous joy knowing that my son was trying to be like me.  This was true when he was 11 years old, and even more so now that he is an adult.  Now it’s not shaving cream that covers his face, but rather the character of Jesus. This so pleases his heavenly Father.

If there is one thing that the Father is known for, it is for his sacrificial love that he has lavished on us in the hope to restore the broken relationship between mankind and himself (see Romans 5:8).  He sent his Son, to serve as a mediator between the Father and man (see 1 Timothy 2:5). When we look at Jesus, we see that he only did what he saw the Father doing (see John 5:19).  He too, mimicked his Father.  It’s what sons do.  Jesus purposed to restore the relationship between his Father and mankind by being that mediator.

Loving Restoration into the Lives of People

Jesus said, “Just as I have loved you, so you must also love one another” (John 13:34).  It is with a restorative heart that we are to love one another. Love Is a verb. It is something that you do.  We are to love with a heart of restoration.  We are to mimic Jesus.  Just as Jesus loved restoration into the lives of people, so also are we to love restoration into the lives of people.

Purposing to Restore People

What if we, like Jesus, purposed to restore people? What if we were to look for opportunities to restore what has been taken from them?  But in practical terms, what would that even look like?  David  restored mephibosheth to his rightful place at the King’s table.  Who in your life needs to be restored?  How might you bring restoration to your marriage, your place of business, your colleagues, a friend who is going through a divorce, or even your own children?  How does one approach life with a restorative mindset when every need is different?

What Does Restoration Look Like?

Look around and ask yourself, “What is broken?”  Now ask yourself, “What would it look like unbroken?”  Perhaps you don’t have the faith to believe that restoration is even possible for a given situation, but let’s just say that it were possible, what would that look like?  What would it look like completely restored?  Now, take that picture that you have in your head, and make it your purpose do everything you can to bring that to fruition.  That involves both prayer and action on your part. This is what having a restorative mindset looks like.  Don’t you see Jesus in that way of thinking?

Thinking Like the Father

This was the approach Jesus took in everything he did.  This was how he thought, and why not?  He knew that when he expressed the heart of the Father, nothing was impossible (see Luke 1:37).  Not only did he embrace the heart of the father, but he had the mind of the Father. He thought like the Father.  Because he was the exact representation of the Father (see Hebrews 1:3), He did as the Father would do.

When you truly embrace the heart of the Father you will start thinking like the father, and in turn, you will start doing as the father would, just like Jesus did.  Not only will your life forever change, but also the lives of those you purpose to restore, just as the Father has restored you.

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