Growth Is Not Measured By What You Know, But By Who You Practice

Many people think that they are measured by what they know. Schools are filled with such people. Our society as a whole measures people by what they know, what certificate they hold, what college they attended. Unfortunately, this mindset is prevalent in the church as well. “What Bible College did you attend?” or, “What’s your Master’s degree in?” I hate those questions.  I attended Bible college, and though I have nothing against getting a Master’s degree, it’s just that without putting what you have learned into practice, it is completely meaningless. In fact, it’s even dangerous.

We Are Accountable For What We Know

James wrote, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness” – James 3:1. The same applies for what you have learned. You will be held to accountable for what you know. Should we then not learn? Why? Because we don’t want to be held accountable? That’s lazy thinking. The challenge is to practice what you do know. The church today is far more educated than the 12 disciples of Jesus were. Think about that. Jesus didn’t choose the highly educated.  Among those he chose was a tax collector and a burly fisherman.  Again, it’s not what you know, it’s knowing him, and putting into practice the influence he has had on you.

Growth Is Determined By What You Practice

I encourage you to share what the Lord has shared with you. Give it away. Whatever the Lord has shown you, share it with someone else. Tweet it. Summarize it on Facebook. Make sure, however, that your heart is sharing the truth for the right reason . . . not to gain “likes”, but rather, out of a genuine love for others, share what God has made known to you. If gaining “likes” dominates your thinking, don’t use social media to share it. Share it in person and let the Holy Spirit influence people with the revelation that he has brought to you.

The Power Of Your Testimony

The Power of your testimony is not found in what you say, but in how you live. If you are not living it, don’t say it. It astounds me at how often I read Facebook posts that offer deep spiritual truths from people who’s lives don’t resemble what they post. I suppose a better way to say it would be, “If you are not living it, don’t post it”. They do this, of course, to build up their public persona, to make people believe that they are more mature than they really are. Surely, you have seen this before, too. Before you start naming names in your mind, start with your own and stop there. I’m not addressing the heart or intent of other people. I’m addressing your heart and your intent. Why do you “share” or “post” deep truths? Answering the tough questions produces growth because honest answers either reveal the necessity of repentance, or affirm your right standing with God.

Paul put it this way, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear” – Ephesian 4:29. In other words, when you speak, with grace on your lips, build others up.

Paving The Way For The Holy Spirit

Now, to those who live what they post, who live what they share or say, . . . what enormous impact you have on those who listen to what you say, or read what you post! Because your life resembles what you say, your words are powerful and effective. This point can not be understated. When you live what you say, you pave the way for the Holy Spirit to minister through your words. He has the ability to reach into the deep crevices of one’s heart and minister to the soul. The Holy Spirit is the one who knows exactly what is going on in one’s life, in their heart, in their thinking. He has the power to minister to the unseen need. When you “walk the walk” . . . when you “practice what you preach”, you are partnering with the Holy Spirit as he ministers to the one who listens to what you say. What a tremendous blessing. What a powerful ministry!

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