His thoughts, words, prayers and worship were all focused on the Father

What HisFocus.com all About?

The purpose of this website is to point you to the Father.  Jesus was focuses on the Father in everything he did. His thoughts, his words, his prayers and worship were all focused on the Father.

Because Jesus is the exact representation of the Father, he only did what he saw the Father doing.  Imagine being so intimately related to someone, that you were a mirror image of that other person. That is the relationship that Jesus had with the Father. He mirrored the Father in thought, attitude, speech, and behavior and desires you to have that type of relationship with his Father.

Each article on this site endeavors:

  1. Tohelp you develop the mindset that Jesus had.
  2. To have the same attitude he carried wherever he went, regardless of the circumstance. These articles are written in the hope of encouraging you to think like Jesus thought.
  3. To speak with the heart of the Father behind every word that comes out of your mouth.
  4. To conduct yourself in such a way that brings a beaming smile to the face of the Father.

These articles are meant to encourage you, to build you up, and ultimately, point you to the Father.  That was the mission of Jesus, and that is the mission of this website.

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