A Great Exchange, Too Good to Pass Up

There is a rewarding feeling that comes with making a great exchange. Whether it was an exchange of trading cards when you were a kid where you had duplicates that you could trade for a more rare card, or trading in your old car and getting a good deal on a nice new one now that you’re an adult, in every case, when you are able to let go of something that you no longer want and get something that you really do want in its place, it creates a moment of bliss.

Making a good trade may be easy enough with some of your valuable possessions, but what about those things that nobody wants? What about those things that weigh you down and continually feel like they hold you back? What about your hurts, scars, and the pains of life? How on earth could you ever give them away, let alone get a good trade on them?

There is Good News!

Not only can you let those things go, but you can get an awesome trade for them! Through the cross, God presented a great exchange. He gave us the opportunity to exchange our sinfulness for His righteousness. The Father is ready to exchange our pain for His joy. He will take our sickness and give to us His healing, captivity for freedom. He will exchange our weakness for His strength. God offers us His peace in exchange for our troubles. He will even take the things that we have destroyed in our lives by our own hands and trade it for His restoration and fullness of life. It is without question the best trade we could ever make.

The Great Exchange

Will you believe?  Every aspect of this great exchange is made available to us by faith. There is no part of the trade that God will limit in your life. There isn’t even a cap on how many hurts that you can give to Him or how much joy He will give to you. You won’t find small print that says that if it was something that you did wrong that brought the pain on yourself, that you are disqualified. There is not even a waiting period that requires for you to endure to a certain point, or wait until you get to heaven to cash in on His trade. ALL of His gifts are available to you RIGHT NOW if you will receive it in faith. The question to you today is, “Will you believe?”

This is Your Moment

Remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on your behalf. It was out of His amazing, abundant love for you. If He would not hold back His very life, why would He hold back on the joy, peace, freedom, and healing now – the very things that He exchanged His life for? Now is your time to bring to the Lord all your mistakes, all your failure, all your pain, all your illness, all your deepest hurts, and allow the revelation of His love, salvation, healing, restoration, peace and joy to wash over you. His death already paid the price. Just believe and receive your restoration today by faith. Make the great exchange!

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